Mesa High Speed Crash


Alison Miller, Staff Writer

A man in his early 20s was arrested in Mesa for speeding at over 100 mph, after crashing into another car and killing an elderly couple. The convicted man, Gezane Izreal Cabanillas-Lape, was driving 107 mph down Main Street in Mesa, Arizona, a 45 mph zone. Police, through probable cause, were able to determine that Cabanillas-Lape was completely sober at the time of the crash, with no traces of alcohol or drugs in his system. The cause of the crash was deemed to be “reckless speeding.” Ray Dittler, a witness of the crash states, “I didn’t think anybody could survive that. I just saw the car kind of smashed up against the wall and I didn’t know what happened.” 

The victims’ names were Ronald and Irma Hettich. Ronald, the husband, was pronounced dead on the scene of the crash, while Irma passed away later in the hospital. Kurt Shanks, a good friend of the victims, had this to say about the crash: “Everybody is still in shock. We can’t believe what happened. I am trying to stay strong myself.” Cabanillas-Lape was found with little injuries, and the woman in his passenger seat had to be taken to the hospital to undergo surgery for internal bleeding. 

The accused is being held in county jail for now, under charges of second degree murder and aggravated assault. However, an investigation of the crash is still underway. Best wishes to the family of the victims.