Thunderbird Softball


Chris Moore, staff


  As Thunderbird Softball is struggling to beat some of the tougher teams they are still having a decent record of 8-15. Also Junior captain Kinzie Mitchell has had 3 homeruns, 17 RBI’s, and 20 hits. Furthermore, Thunderbird is looking to push their way into the playoffs as senior pitcher Kacy Davis has started off the season with a total of 49 strike outs.

Also our Thunderbird Titans have ended their season and we celebrated with one and only Senior Kacy Davis on Senior Night. As they took the win against Moon Valley 14-1. Sophomore Ella Wolff had 3 hits and 4 RBI’s. And on top of that Senior Kacy Davis ended her last game as a Thunderbird Titan with only a one hitter as her pitching performance was amazing. 

The Thunderbird Softball Season has come to an end and even though the team didn’t get where they wanted to be all the coaches are proud of their accomplishments and winning.