SATIRE: Complaining about Complaints

SATIRE: Complaining about Complaints

Megan Mannelly, Editor

Hypothetically, let’s say you have to do something in your class that you agreed to, but don’t really want to. Like, in this hypothetical instance, you have to write an article on complaining and how people complain far too much. You think to yourself; “I don’t think people complain too much but the concept would be ironic and hilarious,” because, again, hypothetically you definitely aren’t just stalling right now. 

You know what? That is it! This is the final straw! People complain far too much! In this day and age, people need to learn how to suck it up. Therapy? I certainly hope not! Healthy venting? That’s a big ‘NO’ as well. Every day millions flock online where they can vent about random stuff that won’t affect them at all in a few days. Like writing an article complaining about complaints.

Some people agree to disagree, “I think complaining is great. It helps you deal with your emotions regarding a troubling issue,” says one senior. Unfortunately for them, they’re wrong and their arguments are stupid. Why? Wouldn’t you like to know. It’s just stupid, obsolete, and stupid again. I hate it with a passion, it is so annoying when people complain. 

The worst thing is, in this article, it’s always “Noooo Megan you can’t put that joke in! You can’t write ‘how do you like that, Obama?’ You have to capitalize obama when you use his name!” To that I say suck it up, other editors, everyone knows that obama isn’t a proper noun. 

Anyways back to what I was saying, complaining is overused and oftentimes emotionally draining to everyone. No one should ever complain for any reason. 

But the most annoying people are the ones who write articles complaining about complaining thinking it’s ironic when really it’s just cringy.