Promposals: Fun or Dumb

Promposals: Fun or Dumb

Megan Mannelly, Editor

Ah, spring. The time for flowers to bloom, birds to sing, and upperclassmen to worry about prom. Prom has many positives and negatives, though proposing to someone through a grandiose manner may draw some negative attention; That’s right, the infamous, age old Promposals have struck again. Birds of paradise have a similar tradition, males displaying bright feathers and hop around while screaming for female attention, and it works! However, as much as it is disappointing to admit, the majority of upperclassmen at Thunderbird High School are, infact, not birds of paradise. Though some of the proposals can be close to heart and cute, it all seems to depend on the relationship. 

“Promposals are absolutely cringe. Imagine walking into your own house and someone is standing there with a sign. That is scary. I would be scared.” Says a random senior. “If you enjoy it you’re cringe.” Well, although some people think that promposals are cringy, others would disagree. “I think that some promposals are actually cute. It matters on how you do it. Like if you use a pun on your sign,” says yet another senior. 

But some promposals can be completely lacking brain cells and style. “I hope this promposal isn’t too basic, because you’re no common white girl,” says one promposal sign, “?MORP” reads another in flashy, bright colors. This only further proves that some promposals are best left unpromposed. 

So, if you know the answer will be a “yes”, dive right in! Though, be cautious when considering what to do, and, above all, make sure whatever you do is fun for both you and your significant other.