Turning Red


Ashley Swaw, Staff Writer

Disney fans assemble for the thrilling new movie, Turning Red, with its teen drama and 2000’s nostalgia.

Turning Red is a revolutionary new animated Disney movie that tackles big issues that don’t usually get much recognition in film and tv. The Atlantic says it best, “Hollywood has often been prudish about portraying the messy, bewildering…”Turning Red addresses issues such as teenage hormones, crushes, and menstruation. It’s refreshing to see a film targeted towards young people that talks about big parts of teenage life.

This is not Pixar’s first experience with telling underrepresented stories. “…Pixar has built a reputation for telling coming-of-age stories in inventive ways,” theatlantic.com. The film also talks about one of the most important parts of adolescence, strong friendships.

Pixar has recently released movies like Encanto that aim to create a more inclusive film community for all people. They have also released movies talking about the extreme emotions and friendships kids feel. “Turning Red is an exceptional film that was long overdue. My middle school self really would have identified with Mei. I hope other kids come to realize it’s okay to release your inner red panda,” said an anonymous student.

Despite this, Turning Red has garnered loads of criticism for the “maturity” in content throughout the film, vox.com. For some the topics of menstruation and strong romantic feelings are not something people want to expose their kids to. One audience member went so far as to say , “Let kids be kids and let parents handle the coming of age issues.” Regardless, Turning Red is a breath of fresh air in the depiction of what it means to be a teen.
Despite heavy criticism, Turning Red is a much needed addition to the Disney family that brings to light topics that usually don’t receive that much attention.