The Rise of Salad and Go


Alison Miller, Staff Writer

Salad and Go first opened in Gilbert, Arizona in February of 2013. Since then, it has spread like wildfire all throughout the valley. First opened by Toni and Roushan Christofellis, the restaurant’s whole idea is being healthy, but easy to get, like fast food. They serve 9 different salads that also come in the form of a wrap. They also serve breakfast burritos, a specialty soup, as well as different teas and lemonades. “Salad and Go serves a mission to make fresh, nutritious food convenient and affordable not just for the few, but for everyone,” states their “About Us” page on 

The craze over Salad and Go has mostly been boosted by teenagers and young adults looking for healthier options to all-too mouth-watering McDonald’s and Raising Cane’s. Reviews say, “Finally, there’s a way to get the convenience of a drive-through fast-food chain without sacrificing your health. The place is called Salad and Go, and it’s about to totally change the fast-food game.”

The meals are well balanced, and you get the bang for your buck. With over 40 locations in the valley, and still growing, you can say they’ve been a successful business. “This place is such a goldmine! Not only are the prices great, but the portions of their food are amazing! I pick up lunches for medical offices about 4-5 times a week, and can honestly say, this is by far the BEST value for food and drink! I personally love their salads- there’s a great variety of toppings, and they offer tofu, which is nice. However, I’d love if they had plain tofu without the sauce, but I still order it, states an online Yelp Review.

To conclude, Salad and Go has not been around long, but they’ve definitely made their mark on the valley. Not only with their fresh produce and protein, but with their excellent customer service and drive to serve.