Berry Berry Best Bowls Are The Best!


Jenna Williams, Staff Member

Berry Berry Best Acai Bowls is a small store where they sell bowls of all different kinds. It is located in Northern Phoenix and is a popular place to stop by and get some food. Many people have said Berry Berry Best has the best acai bowls they’ve ever had. 

On yelp, Berry Berry Best is rated the #1 acai bowl place in Phoenix. A review states “For a long time, I couldn’t find a solid acai bowl place in Phoenix. If you’re like me, LOOK NO FURTHER – this is the place!!! It has a lot of variety and is totally customizable. … I will be back here again and again as I personally deem this the best acai bowl place in all of Phoenix.” When I talked to customers at Berry Berry Best, they all felt that this was the best acai bowl place and that they would drive from any distance to come here, even passing other acai bowl stores. 

When I visited the store myself and talked to some customers they had a lot of good things to say. One stated “Berry Berry Best is the best and easiest place to get an acai bowl at. There’s never a long line and the staff is super friendly.” They have over eight different base options for you bowls and over 30 topping choices from bee pollen to chia pudding. Their variety and easy customization is what makes them very likable. As well as their great customer service and personable personalities that all their staff have. 

This quote from a customer summarizes all their great amenities. They state “the custom bowl I ordered tasted great! There were tons of options to choose from and pre-made selections too. The prices weren’t bad at all (especially for the wide selection of options), and the staff was very nice and friendly!” (Yelp).Their great options, customer service, and location all make them the perfect choice for an acai bowl. Easy and accommodating, everyone who has gone here recommends that you stop by as well.