Do’s & Dont’s of High School


Ellie Bonnette, Editor-in-Chief

High school is quite the journey. You have fun, make mistakes, and learn a lot. I’m sure we have all heard at least once from our friends and family that these past four years are the quickest years of our life and we should try and enjoy them because of how fast they go by. Well, the class of 2022’s high school experience was quite unique, and I remember how slow high school felt while sitting in my room staring at a screen for 90 minutes each class last year. With that said, here are some do’s and dont’s of high school.

First, my biggest “do” is joining an extracurricular, whether that be a sport and/ or a club. From my experience, joining the Outdoors Club and later becoming president is the best decision I’ve made at Thunderbird. I have been president of the Outdoors Club for three years now, and I have grown so much. I developed my social skills immensely through presenting to several students once a month, meeting new people, discussing matters with adults and my officer team, and so much more. I remember being so nervous about my decision. My fear of failure and anxious thoughts began to flood my head. “Can I really do this? Or what if I’m too awkward?” But I stuck with it, and I am truly so grateful that I did. During my high school career, I also joined the track team and discovered a passion of mine, hurdles. This past season, I endured a quad injury that I thought would put me out for the season, but with time, I was able to recover and I can now say that I am a state qualified and district champion hurdler. This injury, along with other hardships in this sport, allowed me to increase my stamina and become an overall well-rounded person. I also became close with one of my best friends, Bella through this sport. My next “do” is to establish good study habits in your classes. Your future self will thank you for creating a strong work ethic because that will not only ensure your success in high school, but for whatever endeavours your path leads you to.

Before I dive into the dont’s, please remember that it’s totally fine and natural to make mistakes throughout these four years. In fact, without mistakes, we never really grow. However, I recommend trying your best to avoid changing yourself to fit in with “the group.” Never question your hobbies or personality even if it doesn’t exactly line up with what’s “cool.” Always, no matter what, stay true to yourself because at the end of the day, you will always have you. Along with that, avoid giving into peer pressure. Sure, at the moment it feels easier to just say “yes,” but the regret of not being honest with yourself and putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation will stick with you. Finally, don’t disrespect your teachers. While we may not always have the best teachers, they are doing a difficult job and they deserve our respect and patience.

All in all, don’t take any moment for granted and enjoy however many years you have left of high school. I hope these do’s and dont’s helped you out!