Olivia Rodrigo Tour Update


Ashley Swaw, Editor

Many fans are jealousy jealousy of anyone, anyone else who gets to delight in the thrilling events of the Olivia Rodrigo Sour tour.

Olivia Rodrigo’s tour has finally begun and has so far brought about many exciting and unexpected events. First and foremost, Rodrigo announced to her millions of fans that the Sour prom would be coming to her Sour tour. Rodrigo told, “concertgoers to wear ‘prom attire’ to mark Gracie Abrams’ final night.” Since June 29th of last year fans have been longing for their own chance at experiencing the prom. Not only that, but she, “teased more just like it,” said seventeen.

Not only did Olivia Rodrigo give her fans a wonderful addition to her show, but she also gave them a surprise guest. Avril Lavigne joined Rodrigo for her performance in Toronto, after weeks of Rodrigo performing Lavigne’s “Complicated.” Olivia Rodrigo has long been a fan of Lavigne and had this to say about her, “I’m such a massive fan of you. I look up to you so much…” Not only was this important to Rodrigo, but also to her fans who love her pop punk style. 

The events of the tour so far have left many fans devastated that they can’t attend and made them willing to do almost anything to obtain a ticket. “I would miss my own prom to go to Olivia’s Sour prom. That’s how much I love this woman. She is an icon,” said Brianna Quiroga Flores. If only all of Rodrigo’s fans could attend this obviously incredible tour filled with amazing memory opportunities.