The Horror of Pineapple on Pizza

The Horror of Pineapple on Pizza

Sasha A. Murray , editor

 Everyone knows the typical pizza toppings, there is mushrooms, pepperoni, Italian sausage, olives, red pepper flakes, and so many others, yet, for some individuals, pineapple is their first choice. Except for those who experienced the phenomenon of pineapple on pizza throughout their childhood, there are still some people who genuinely believe pineapple on pizza to be an enjoyable experience. And of course, everyone is different and entitled to their own opinions, but pineapple on pizza is an unethical combination that simply does not mix. 

     Firstly, the flavors lack balance; pineapple is a sweet fruit typically applied to other equally flavored items, like other fruit. Pineapple is also commonly paired with spices, typically seen in Mexican candy. Concerning pineapple on pizza, mixing that sweetness with the savory tomato sauce does not create a proper balance of flavors. Critics on the La Cucina Italiana restaurant website describe pineapple pizza as double acidic because pineapples come from pre-cooked cans containing high additions of sugars producing a weaker taste with poor digestibility. 

     Another issue stemming from pineapple pizza is pretty obvious; pineapple is a fruit, and it does not belong on pizza. To place a sweet fruit on a savory dish is inhumane not only for the lack of balance of flavors but because it just does not make sense. With all the other toppings choices, why add pineapple which is often cold on pizza anyway. This creates an odd temperature change for a food that is known for being hot and ready. In adding pineapple, you lose all the balance not only on the pizza but in the experience itself. 

     One of the main arguments regarding pineapple is that it is a fruit, but tomato is a fruit too, yet one is deemed socially acceptable while the other is not. This is because tomatoes are a necessity when making pizza. It is consistently a part of the cooking process, making it normal. Similarly, the flavor of the tomato paste is subtle, allowing the toppings to add on rather than clash. 

       Overall, except for individuals who have grown up with pineapple being on pizza, to take part in the hypocrisy is insane. It is never too late to change your mind; enjoy pizza as intended rather than the weird combinations created on a whim.