Phoenix Suns Playoffs


Chris Moore, Staff Writer

As the NBA playoffs are now in play the Suns are now in the second round after beating the Pelicans and knocking them out of the playoffs. But now they are going against the Dallas Mavericks as they started the series off strong as they were up 2-0 then have now lost two straight. Mavericks star Luka Dončić has been tearing them apart these past 2 games with  his elite passing ability to his slick way of scoring. Also Suns star Chris Paul fouled out last game, and a 101-111 Suns loss. Furthermore, Suns guard Devin Booker never gave up as he had a 35 point game with 7 assists. But it just wasn’t enough to take the win.

Now Dallas won the series in amazing fashion as they destroyed the Suns 123-90. Mavericks Star Luka had as many points as the whole Suns team did at the end of the first half. Luka has 27 points on amazing shooting and the suns only had 27 with poor shot selection and even worse defense.