How to Keep Yourself Occupied Over Summer


Lily Kozak, Staff Writer

Students may find themselves wasting their freetime during summer break. When in reality they can be improving their personal and academic lives. There are many things students can do to occupy themselves while also making good use of their time.

Some students might say they can decide what to do with their freetime. So they should be asking themselves some of these questions, “What do you enjoy doing… the most? How busy do you want to be?  What are your future long-time and short-time goals? Will you have a method of transportation? How much money is available for the summer activities budget?” After asking yourself these questions it should be easier to pick up a hobby and get to work. 

Students can academically benefit themselves by… “Participate in a specialized high school program, take a college class, find a summer program at a local school or community college, instead of living in the dorm. Get involved with research, create your own project, take a free online class, get a job, be an entrepreneur, volunteer in your community, apply for internships, find a job-shadowing opportunity, start your SAT or ACT test prep, make college visits.” Students can help prepare for college, or even just prepare for the next school year while having this long period of time off from school. 

Students can personally help themselves during the summer freetime by doing many things. It might be hard for them to decide, even though there’s an unimaginable amount of things to do. Here are some ideas, “Start a new hobby or perfect one you already started, start a club or join one, try a local or national summer camp, volunteer at a nonprofit or purpose driven organization, get involved with research, check something off your bucket list.” These are just a few ideas though there are many more. 

Students can often waste the time they have over summer break. Yes students should be relaxing, but many find themselves becoming lazy. That’s why students should learn ways to occupy themselves over the summer while also academically and personally helping themselves.