The Owl House


Megan Mannelly, Editor

From the great minds that brought you Gravity Falls; The Owl House, created by Disney, is sure to raise some eyebrows with its stunning visuals, enriched plot, and well-written characters. People from share the sentiment, “If you’re missing Gravity Falls, this show is a must,” says one user. The Owl House establishes realistic characters from the first episode that develop through familiar challenges and adversity. The fandom of The Owl House has much to say, “I love how the show depicts childlike innocence with emotional maturity at its core. The main character Luz is a self-proclaimed nerd who ends up in a fantasy land and gains a mentor named Eda. The humor of the show is smart and witty. It’s a fun show to get lost in!” 

In addition to public opinions on the show, The Owl House, created by Dana Terrace, has won numerous awards including Annie Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, and Imagen Foundation Awards for its voice acting, programming, and character design. 


But what is The Owl House?  The story itself centers around a young girl who crosses a mysterious threshold and finds herself in a magical, colorful land where she finds both the strength and the support group she needs to become who she’s meant to be. Alice in Wonderland. Dorothy in Oz. Coraline in the Other World. To that list, we should now add Luz in Boiling Isles. Don’t be fooled though. Even as it borrows this well-worn framework, the Dana Terrace-created animated series, The Owl House, feels anything but familiar. For when Luz Noceda (voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles), a 14-year old Dominican-American girl, stumbles onto the surrealist mishmash of a world that is Boiling Isles, what she steps into is an endless world of possibility: this is a realm with three-eyed witches and bat-like creatures, octopus monsters, and owl house demons. It’s there where her quirky, albeit gory, creativity is allowed to run amok, away from her mom’s prying, if loving, eyes. With an adorable wolf-like demon by her side and a fabulous, droll-witted witch as her guide, Luz embarks on her quest to become a witch, a liberating identity that feels as expansive as Boiling Isles itself.