Everyone Cancelled in 2021


Jada Moore , Editor

At this point in modern media one simple action or statement could ruin your whole career. 

To start, cancel culture is when someone is called out and canceled for something they said or did. Cancel culture has become a huge influence in the media. For example, a couple of people that have been cancelled this year were Sienna Mae for sexual assult, DaBaby for homophobic remarks, Morgan Wallen for saying the N-word, Chrissy Tiegan for being a bully, and the list goes on. Aja Romano states, “Cancel culture,” as a concept, feels inescapable. The phrase is all over the news, tossed around in casual social media conversation.Meanwhile, Fox News has “stoked outrage and alarmism over cancel culture, including trying to entice Gen X to take action against the nebulous problem.” (Vox)

One of the main people who faced extreme backlash this year was Sienna Mae, a Tik Tok star. What looked to be a happy, healthy relationship with Jack Wright turned out to be a nightmare. Mason Rizzo, one of Jack’s friends, posted a tweet saying “I struggle with seeing a girl getting praised after telling my best friend to kill himself and sexually assaulting him numerous times after he set boundaries and repeatedly wondered why ‘he doesn’t like you back’”. In response to these allegations, Sienna Mae states, “I unequivocally deny the allegations that I sexually assaulted Jack Wright… I’m not making an apology video, this is more of a statement“. 

After denying the allegations, Jack’s friend posted a video of Sienna kissing Jack while he was passed out on a couch. Following that video, a few of his friends came out with videos saying they witnessed the sexual assault. Two days later she continued to deny the allegations and said this, ”Before I start, I stand with what I said in the last video, I did not sexually assault Jack Wright…If you present evidence of somebody being sexually assaulted don’t you think you should stand by it. And it looks a little suspicious when you immediately remove it from the internet” (Sienna Mae).

If cancel culture was not a thing, how would anyone be aware of the consequences of their actions?  Overall, cancel culture should keep up the good work.