Peloton Incident


Taylor Jones, Editor

The popular brand “Peloton”, is calling back more than 100,000 of their Tread+ treadmills after reports of multiple injuries and even one death. The company is mostly known for its bikes, and has grown increasingly popular throughout COVID. With any fitness equipment, there are risks. However, many concerned parents are starting to address. The Tread+ was created by Peloton after numerous dangerous incidents.

Peloton has created a name to their brand through their apparel, equipment, memberships, and instructors. With any at home fitness equipment, safety can be a large risk. However, due to the elevated treadmills, it proved to be one that could cause death. 

Videos have been surfacing of injuries due to the Peloton treadmill. Peloton is known for their streaming/on demand workouts. The brand has created an opportunity for fitness classes at home just through a touch of a screen. The Tread+ however has been getting lots of attention due to the increase of injury reports, “Ygal and Sarah Saadoun spoke exclusively to ABC News about their 4-year-old son, who they said suffered third-degree burns after getting pinned underneath the workout equipment”(ABC News). 

Peloton CEO sends his best wishes and regards to the family that suffered through their child’s death. Over 20 injuries have occurred surrounding their treadmill as, “One child died and other children and adults were injured after being sucked under the treadmill’s rotating surface” (The Washington Post). Its belt mechanism and lifted structure have caused many parents to tell families to get rid of the treadmill immediately. Although its safety ratings were high, the increase of child injury took it off the market. According to The Washington Post, “The recall offered a full refund. Peloton also agreed to stop selling the $4,300 machines. Yet other customers who wanted to keep using their treadmills could do so with a planned software change that would lock the machines with a passcode.”

Customers of Peloton pay a $39 monthly fee for the at home videos subscription. Although prices can vary depending on the equipment, many believe it is well worth the cost while others say it’s an injury trap in disguise. Peleton has now only focused on creating bikes and now a new rowing machine. However, their treadmills have been recalled and are now in the process of creating more reliable safety features. One user states, “The new treadmill does not contain slats. It’s a traditional running platform. It also has a cover on the front and back which prevents objects from being pulled under while in motion, like a young child!” (Shannon Bonette, avid Peloton user). Peloton has taken responsibility over the injuries and has created a safer, modernized treadmill. Peloton has high hopes for the new product and hopes to accommodate all customers who wanted the treadmill originally.