Rafe Cameron: The Main Character of OBX

Taylor Jones, Editor

Outer Banks season two was a complete hit with its diverse plot and adored characters. The hit show took off on Netflix when COVID first hit, and has been a thrilling adventure throughout both seasons. The storyline focuses on one of the main characters, John B. However, many have come to question whether John B truly is the main character in season 2.

The season starts off with a group of teenagers running from their own homes in route to find lots of gold. John B is considered to be the main protagonist, but after the second season Drew Starkey, who plays Rafe Cameron has been the attention grabber to many audiences. When season one takes place Rafe Cameron has very little character development, however, following through the second season, the audience sees him as a crucial part of the storyline.

Not only are fans obsessed with Rafe Cameron due to his traumatic past and intriguing yet terrifying characteristics, they also happen to be fond of the actor who plays him, Drew Starkey. Drew Starkey had his big break off from Outer Banks, and has caught the attention of almost all viewers. His acting skills when playing Rafe Cameron clearly shine through and connect with the emotions of his audience, “He was my favorite character right away because the actor made him seem like a real person. His emotions and actions flowed really well during the second season” (Freshman Hailey Jones).  

Many do consider John B and Sarah Cameron to be the main characters, but after season two, quite a few  have switched opinions. Drew Starkey has portrayed Rafe Cameron very well, “Drew Starkey is what made me a fan of Rafe Cameron. His acting portrays the character very well, and allows the audience to have different perspectives of him. Many people either love or hate Rafe, due to Drew Starkey’s acting. He is supposed to grab the audience’s attention, which is what he has done” (Senior Kacy Davis).  Without Rafe Cameron there would be no plot, as he plays the main antagonist, and without John B (Chase Stokes) there would be no Rafe Cameron.  

All in all, both characters, John B and Rafe, are a crucial part of the storyline, and tie Outer Banks into an adventurous turn of events. They both bring out hidden emotions and grab the audience’s attention. Although Drew Starkey may be getting more attention, there is no doubt Chase Stokes is far behind.