GIF Should Be Pronounced GIF

Neely Burns and Megan Mannelly, Writers

Do you recall the small, short moving pictures used to send to friends? Well, then you certainly know the long-held debate on how to pronounce this three letter acronym. Despite what others may say, GIF should without a doubt be pronounced GIF.

Now, this mere statement may spark outrage in the hearts of many. In fact, not even the developer of GIF nor English professors can quite agree on this topic. However, if you really examine the facts, you will find that it is undoubtedly pronounced GIF.

The age old question, GIF or GIF has sparked many intellectual debates as previously mentioned. Whether you are an English or computer science prodigy, the question is among us, hanging over all of our heads. So, what really is the correct answer? Clearly it’s GIF, but we decided to go out and ask around the Thunderbird campus, anyways.

Upon interviewing several students, the results are clear. “It’s pronounced GIF, you imbeciles!” exclaims Laine Solheim, a senior at Thunderbird. Another senior, Saoirse Mullan states, “I don’t know, I think people should pronounce GIF, GIF but honestly I don’t really care.”

But there will always be the social rebels of society, the ones who argue that GIF should be pronounced GIF, not GIF. These barbarians should be sent to prison for life for their crimes against humanity.

Clearly, with this myriad of data, no reasonable person would pronounce GIF as GIF when it is clearly pronounced GIF. Stay safe and remember that GIF will always be GIF and not GIF, except on the rare occasion you pronounce it as GIF.