Goodbye Chiefs, Hello Titans


Neely Burns, Editor-In-Chief

After a long wait, Thunderbird High School has officially changed its logo and mascot to the Thunderbird Titans. It took a great deal of deliberation and work, but the former mascot of the Chiefs is now nowhere to be seen around campus.

The news of the former mascot being replaced came in the summer of 2020. The proposal to change this mascot came from the fact that many Native Americans associated with Thunderbird found the mascot and the logo to be offensive. The idea for the change which gained the most popularity came from a petition, which outlined the reasons that the logo is offensive, including but not limited to the fact that the headdress the logo wore was sacred, and that a group of people should not be a mascot. Eventually, after a great deal of collaboration and communication with the community, the school board came together and decided that the mascot needed to change.

Later on in the year, several committees were formed to make the decision about the new logo, made up of students, faculty, parents, and others in the community. Each committee came up with a myriad of ideas for the new mascot until they narrowed it down to a few options. Then, students and parents were able to vote on their favorite option until Titans was finally decided as the winner.

Over the summer, the campus received a remodel, where it removed anything that said “Chiefs” on it and replaced it with the new and improved Titans. Whether it be sports uniforms, the mural on the gym, or anything else, there is not a sign of the former logo left on campus. One of the best aspects of this remodel is that most of it worked into the budget that the school already had for new uniforms and repainting certain areas.

So, the next time you take a walk around campus, be sure to make note of the beautiful new logo and mascot!