Delta vs Vaccines


Neely Burns, Editor-in-Chief

On July 27, 2021, CDC released updated guidance on the need for urgently increasing COVID-19 vaccination coverage and a recommendation for everyone in areas of substantial or high transmission to wear a mask in public indoor places, even if they are fully vaccinated. CDC issued this new guidance due to several concerning developments and newly emerging data signals.  First is a reversal in the downward trajectory of cases. In the days leading up to their guidance update, CDC saw a rapid and alarming rise in the COVID case and hospitalization rates around the country.

“In late June, our 7-day moving average of reported cases was around 12,000. On July 27, the 7-day moving average of cases reached over 60,000. This case rate looked more like the rate of cases we had seen before the vaccine was widely available.”

Now is the time to raise eyebrows and point fingers. Quarantine may feel like it has just been lifted, but we are far from being the Covid free world we once were. Hospitals are filling to the brink, Schools are having outbreaks, the infection is spreading and it is spreading like a wildfire in California. 

But what about the vaccines? These might be the beacon of hope (most) of us were waiting for? You may think to yourself. Well, you may be right. Vaccines are highly efficient when dealing with the Delta Variant, and it shows. 97% of the people dying in hospitals from COVID aren’t vaccinated. And death is becoming less and less picky with who it chooses. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Hospitals are seeing a greater number of unvaccinated people who are younger and otherwise healthier fill up their beds, according to new data released by Los Angeles County.”

So please, if you have the ability to get vaccinated, please do so! It may be the best way to return to normalcy.