The Midnight Library


Ellie Bonnette, Editor

Have you ever read a book that had such an impactful message? That truly changed your perspective on life? Well, The Midnight Library, also known as one of the books on “BookTok,” the side of TikTok that promotes books, will leave you with that feeling, as well as a sense of humbleness and clarity about what impact you want to leave in this world.
The novel begins with a depressed and regretful woman, Nora Seed, who feels as if she has ruined every opportunity at a fulfilled life. There came a time when Nora hit rock bottom and was unable to find a reason why to live. In an attempt to end her life, Nora entered an alternate universe in which she was reunited with a significant role model in her childhood, Mrs. Elm, her elementary school librarian. This alternate universe, also known as the Midnight Library, was filled with bookshelves upon bookshelves of what Nora’s life could have been like. Essentially, Nora reads the first couple words of a chapter and is immediately transferred to that life, and if she likes that life enough, she can stay. In this library, Nora experiences many different lives, from being a glaciologist to an Olympic swimmer. Eventually, with Mrs. Elm’s assistance, Nora discovers what life is truly about and goes on to live her best life yet.
This New York Times bestseller novel is written by the talented and creative Matt Haig. When asked about where he got the idea to write The Midnight Library, Haig explains that he had always believed in the magic of libraries and, “[thinks] the idea of wondering how your life would have played out differently is one that a lot of us think about from time to time. Also, [his] own personal experience with mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, obviously informed some of Nora’s experience” (
The Midnight Library is suitable for a variety of ages: from teens to adults. TikTok influencer Lexi Hidalgo states, “This book got me back into reading for the first time since high school. It teaches so many valuable life lessons while telling such a fun-to-read story.”
Overall, The Midnight Library is certainly a book to check out. With its plot twists, and surprises, and life lessons, it is impossible to put this piece down.