The Saweetie Meal


Kira Milne, Editor

Since kicking off their Famous Orders Program in 2020, McDonald’s has moved their way through artists having their own sponsored meal. They started with Travis Scott, J Balvin, and BTS, but their current collaboration is with Saweetie. She marks the first female musician and the first African-American female musician, to have a celebrity menu collaboration with McDonald’s since the company kicked off its Famous Orders program in 2020.

Saweetie, a multi- platinum rapper best known for her hit “Icy Girl ”, made a smart business partnership with McDonald’s. Her meal consists of her favorite items on the menu: a Big Mac, Fries, 4 piece chicken nuggets, sweet and sour sauce and a drink. Saweetie recommends a coke. They trademarked the meal further, sweet and sour sauce is currently packaged and labeled as “Saweetie sauce”. According to NPR she explained, “McDonald’s and I run deep — from growing up back in Hayward, California, all through my college days — so I had to bring my icy gang in on my all-time favorites,” Saweetie said in a news release. The collaboration was a smart business move for both Saweetie and the McDonald’s corporation.
Amidst the chaos of the past few years,  a number of major brands have struck deals with major Black celebrities in an effort to maintain and expand their consumers of color. All in all, her meal will allow both her audience to share her choice meal at the popular food chain, while also attracting more diverse customers and orders to the stores.

Go to your local McDonalds and try the Saweetie Meal!  The support of the Famous Orders Program will aid its success and the continuation of the program will maybe lead to one of your favorite artists to collaborate with the company for their own meal.