Virtual v. In-Person Learning


Ellie Bonnette, Editor-in-Chief

After being almost completely virtual for 13 months, the transition back to fully in-person learning either excites students or invokes uncomfortable feelings that leave students wanting to return learning back at home.

To begin, some students are thriving in this peer environment. Being able to interact and problem solve with fellow students is resulting in higher grades and an improved mental health.  An anonymous student elaborates on how “[their] grades were suffering due to having trouble learning through a screen, but now with actually being able to ask [their] teachers questions face-to-face, [their] grades have improved dramatically.”

However, whether it be the comfort of their own home and/or the lack of stress, some students prefer to learn in isolation. They are successful in learning via WebEx, and are so used to being home that being back surrounded by hundreds of students daily is overwhelming, to say the least. Online GUHSD senior, Hannah Collier, explains how “After being online for 1.5 years, being back at in-person school was unbearable. I was scared to be around people for COVID and social reasons. Every day felt like a chore, but online school has been the light at the end of the tunnel. Now that I know I am not ready for in-person school, I’m able to practice and work on what I need to in order to return back to in-person school.”

As one can assume, most teachers are ecstatic to have transitioned away from teaching little screens to being back in their classrooms instructing full classes. When asked about how he feels returning back to in-person teaching, senior English teacher, Mr. Smith states “I feel a little trepidations because there are still numbers spiking, not everybody’s wearing a mask, nor are they vaccinated. However, it is exciting to be in front of the classroom again.”

At the end of the day, we all have different experiences and feelings in returning back to school, but it is certainly a blessing to have an in-person learning experience available to all students.