Rivalry on the Charts: Donda vs Certified Loverboy


Kira Milne and Taylor Jones, Editors

With two popular albums breaking the charts in 2021, many different opinions have been surfacing over the two highly influential music artists and their recent works. Kanye West and Drake have been in the music industry for quite some time, grabbing a hold of many fans’ attention. The two rappers have been competing in the industry over the years, however the two took diggs at one another on their new albums. In Kanye West’s “Pure Souls”, the lyric, “It’s gotta be God’s plan / Man, I swear these boys keep playin’ / We gon’ have to square up then,” teased the bad blood between the rappers. On the song “7am on Bridle Path” “You over there in denial / We not neck and neck / It’s been a lot of years since we seen you comin’ correct / Man, —- a respectfully, I just want my respect,” raps Drake. Without even mentioning each other’s names it is clear that the feud is not settled. The two have had on and off feuds, but with the two albums surfacing at the same times tensions have publicly arisen between the two causing their fans to join in on the competition. Dedicated fans have been posting their opinions online and dissing the opposing album. Many fans are divided on the Drake vs Kanye situation. Fans are either die hard Drake lovers or “Ye” lovers. Although both of them are rappers, Kanye’s music has been taking a turn towards other genres. 

Both albums releasing within a few days apart, caused the debate of which album was better. According to the charts, and fans, Drake’s album has been gaining more popularity than Kanye’s. According to senior Cade Hoiby, “Donda is so unbelievably bad. Rather than an actual album, it’s more of a collaboration of sounds. Kanye acts like DJ Khaled, relying on his features to try and carry his album with horrible beats. While CLB will win labrum of the year because all of the 21 songs on the album are worth listening to. Each song has good features, as well as solo songs that are instant classics.” 

However, even after Drake’s skyrocketing reviews, Kanye’s fans are passionate about his music. When asked about the two albums senior Jenna Fredenberg commented, “Kayne’s music is always a good listen. I do like Drake’s album CLB, however I feel that Kanye’s album was written with more meaning, and shows a different aspect of Kanye’s personality. All of Drake’s music sounds the same to me, and it gets old.” Many believe Drake is repetitive with no creativity, as all of his albums resort to the same topic without any deeper meaning. 

In difference, some think that the two albums are not comparable. Daisy Marquez, Senior says “ I actually really like both artists and their new albums.They are very different so I don’t think I could even have a preference, there are just different times to listen to each one, Drake’s album is more mainstream for everyone to enjoy, while Kanye’s is more personal to him and steered towards a specific group.” The difference in production and meanings of the two albums allows people to easily decide whose album they prefer, but they are so different it is difficult to truly measure the better album.

The drama between the two is most likely everlasting while both are continuing to make music. The feud only adds to the exposure of both albums, leading both of them to further success with streams and articles.