Drake’s Certified Lover Boy Album Has Hit The Charts


Taylor Jones, Editor

Drake’s new album Certified Lover Boy has hit the charts on September 3rd. This is the sixth studio album by Drake. The album included 48 producers, and includes a total of 21 songs.

The album was supposed to release in January, but due to Drake’s knee surgery and rehab it was pushed back. Drake first announced the upcoming album in April 2019, and then officially announced the title of Certified Lover Boy in August 2020. When asked about CLB senior Sam Clark states, “I think Certified Lover Boy is one of his better albums. It felt like I was listening to one of his old albums again. His continuity within this album really catched many listeners’ attention, including myself.” Drake’s musicality within his music has allowed him to gain many fans throughout his career. His growing reputation doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

Drake has been one of the biggest influencers in the music industry over the years. According to senior Larissa Hermiz, “I think Certified Lover Boy was a great album. At first, I thought it was overrated and that Drake could’ve done better. But as I continued listening to the album, I really started getting into the songs and think it is one of the best albums dropped this year. As a Drake fan of many years, I have continued to favor Drake because of the passion he puts into his music. His singing and rapping have great lyrics and get me hyped up. I think Drake has always been an amazing artist and will continue to be one.” Many fans continue to rave over the rapper, even after a number of years. Considering Certified Lover Boy is at the top of the charts, Drake doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Many controversies have been flying around after Drake announced to the public that he has a son, as many believed it would push back his music career. Along with his many controversies surrounding Drake and other rappers. Drake’s dedication has been allowing him to push through the hate, scandals and rumors. 

The 4 time Grammy award Rapper has made a name for himself even after many controversies. Drake’s variety of albums and exclusive features allow him a jump to the top. Certified Lover Boy is expected to reach and stay at the tops, and hopefully a future grammy award for the album is in the near reach.