Fall Sports Spirit Week


Anna Gauthier, Staff Writer

STUGO has officially planned the first fall spirit week of the school year! STUGO has continued to plan Spirit Weeks over the years and has included fun activities leading up to the day of the assembly. Shaye Rohrer, student body vice president says, “Spirit week is such a fun week to help build the excitement for the fall sports assembly and brings in some money to support STUGO”. It has always been a tradition at Thunderbird, as well as other schools, to put on a Spirit Week in order to get students excited for upcoming assemblies. 

         This year, they decided the theme of the week was “We Got The Beat ”, which incorporated titles of songs into the spirit days.One of the days included the song “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX and everyone dressed up in their finest attire. They used social media apps such as instagram and snapchat to try and get as many students to join in. Representatives of STUGO such as the student body president and treasure reposted it in order to get as many participants as possible. Even some teachers were offering extra credit to any students who dress up for Spirit Week. Emily Spellman, student body president, says “We try to promote spirit day as much as we can, especially on social media because everyone can share it with their friends and everyone can be involved. Getting the whole school to contribute during the week is exciting to see. Teachers and students are all welcomed to participate.”

         Along with dressing up, STUGO also plans fun activities at lunch. These activities help generate money towards our schools funding for dances and other school events. For example, they did a pie in the face booth where you could pay $1 to pie a member of STUGO in the face. One anonymous student comments, “My favorite part of Spirit Week is the stuff at lunch. I won so much candy!” Students are encouraged to participate in the activities, as well as stuff to bring our community together. 

The spirit weeks and assemblies are a fun way to bring in students’ participation within the school. With time flying by, the upcoming assemblies and spirit weeks are worth waiting for. STUGO has many plans for future assemblies plus spirit weeks, and generates ideas from student opinions giving Thunderbird an opportunity for a thrilling event.