Water Damage in the Gym


Allison Miller, Staff Writer

Due to the severe thunderstorms last month, there has been some water damage issues in the Thunderbird High School main gym floors. This has caused major conflicts with fall sports’ schedules. A leak in the ceiling caused water to puddle up on the gym floor, which could eventually lead to black mold forming deep into the floor. This specific type of mold is dangerous to breathe in. Therefore it is for the best that the gym is closed, and the floors are redone.

This has affected Girls Volleyball tremendously, as now home games will be hosted at Moon Valley High School. “We’re lucky it’s only half of the gym that was damaged, but in regards to the volleyball team, it’s heartbreaking for the seniors to not have their senior night hosted on their own home court,” says Coach Price on how the gym floor has affected her team. This also affects the P.E. department as well, seeing as how they don’t have access to use the main gym. The repairs should be completed in 8-10 weeks, cutting into the winter sports’ seasons as well. 

The construction team has already made great progress on the floors, but there is still lots of work to be done. Make sure when passing by the main gym, you are being respectful of the construction team and their space, as we would like to have our gym back as soon as possible!