Improving Thunderbird Merchandise


Sasha Murray, Staff Writer

When most think of Thunderbird apparel, the first thought is that bright orange Thunderbird Titans logo. Though this is not necessarily bad, it can be perceived as intimidating and a little too bold for some students to wear. Some people do not enjoy wearing orange. To solve this, Thunderbird should create more versatile designs that encourage students and their families to complete purchases that maintain comfort and create a sense of pride for supporting the school. 

Our colors are orange, blue, white, and black. According to,” Blue is the most popular color, while orange is unpopular with women.” Since blue is a commonly worn color, the bookstore could start carrying a wider variety of blue school apparel. This would make people more inclined to purchase and wear the clothing.

A site for school merch, Spiritshop, says, “When comparing the Sunnyslope and Thunderbird spirit gear, Sunnyslope does triumph.” Sunnyslope is doing very well with promoting and selling its merchandise to its student body. Sadly when looking at Thunderbird students, they do not have nearly as much school spirit. They could fix this with some minor changes. To truly appeal to the student body, versatility and inclusiveness need to be promoted because each student has their own style.

 Some ways to advertise could be creating flyers, having sales (like a 50% off day), promoting items in the daily announcements, selling gear at home games, introducing new pieces during assemblies, and allowing the student body to design a school appropriate logo. These options would allow the student body to feel included and become more connected with the school. 

Many options are available for Thunderbird to promote their merchandise, it’s all about grabbing students’ interests. With just a few changes, Thunderbird can create a more spirited and enthusiastic student body as well as create more profit from improved designs.