The Struggles of Online Shopping


Sasha A. Murray, Staff Writer

Everyone seems to shop online in today’s world, but finding a good website can be a struggle. Not everyone wants to spend 60 dollars on a shirt just because it’s cruelty-free when they can get the same shirt off a faulty website for less than half the price. The second option may not be made from the best materials or produced safely but it is cheap, convenient, and within budget. This is the unfortunate commonality in the online shopping realm, where the environmental and cruelty-free websites are expensive while the inexpensive websites are not safe or eco-friendly

      When online shopping, finding reasonable prices is hard enough but are the cheap websites reliable? One of these major brands is Shein. This website is very well-known and has rapidly grown in the past years due to its low prices. This website is versatile and extensive, allowing everyone to find their ideal wardrobe through purchasing a multitude of different pieces. Even though this website is easily accessible, is it safe? Despite the enticingly low prices, the answer is no.

   Although Shein does not sell your information on the dark web or attempt to scam you out of your money, they mass produce and use cheap fabrics that are not sustainable and hurt the environment. According to, Shien states that when collecting materials, it does its best to source recycled fabrics, such as recycled polyester… yet only 64 out of the 52,000 dresses on the site are said to be made from this fabric. Despite the attention-grabbing prices, fast fashion directly impacts this company. This is due to concern for participation in child labor because of their production residing in third world countries.

   According to, Shein clothes are supposed to be trendy, meaning they do not need to last longer than their short fashionable lifespan. Though websites like Shein are inexpensive and convenient to buy from, they are cheap due to the clothing being made to last for a short period and only to follow fast fashion trends. These are not meant to become veterans in your closet. 

    There are hundreds of online shopping websites out there. Well-priced, environmentally friendly brands are within reach. It may take a little research, but do not let conformity stop you from becoming a safe shopper.