Seniors Brighten the Parking Lot


Neely Burns, Editor-in-Chief

For the first time ever, Thunderbird seniors get to paint a parking space for theifinal year. With seniors parking in the front lot, the painted spots are a welcome splash of color to the campus. The only time parking spots had been painted previously was for an auction, but this is the first time all seniors have a chance to express themselves through their parking spots.

In order for each senior to get this privilege, they had to meet certain requirements. First, they had to pay $100, but not to fear, as this money comes back around to them in the form of senior grad night. In fact, that is the main purpose of this new tradition: to help parents fund the exciting night for seniors as their year comes to a close. The second requirement is naturally that the design each senior chooses is school appropriate. The third and final main requirement was for seniors to show up, and paint the parking spot in itself.

Saturday, September 18 was designated as paint day for seniors. They had the option to paint from 7am-12am, and many took the opportunity to do so. The designs were unique and original, and the seniors had a great deal of fun, playing music and talking among themselves. Overall, the event was a huge success! One senior, Marley Baker states, “I had a lot of fun on paint day, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out.”

Remember, because these seniors paid for their spots, nobody except for these seniors can park in their respective spots. Great job seniors!