The Tee-rific Golf Season


Taylor Jones, Editor

The golf team has been going strong throughout the last couple months. Continuing with their practices, matches, and tournaments both teams have been swinging with dedication. 

The girls have been practicing throughout the week with the boys team, and both coaches continue to provide input and advice to each individual. Both teams have improved since starting the season in August. According to senior Ben Starr, “The team has been going strong, and improving everyday. The practices are enjoyable, and with everyone working together the season seems to fly by.”

As the season comes to an end both teams are enjoying their last matches and practices. When asked about the season, Senior Sutherlund Solheim states, “Although we had some rough first matches, the golf team has been improving a lot. We hope to make it to state, and have a chance to do so if we make a couple improvements to our rounds. We also just won the district tournament, so I believe we are on the right track.” Continuing their path to success, the boys seem to be keeping a positive attitude throughout their season. 

With the ending of the current season, new skills and techniques are being provided for future years to come. The continuation of the golf season at Thunderbird has improved greatly over the years, and with more years of coaching the better the teams will be for their futures ahead.