Badminton: It’s Not Racket Science


Taylor Jones, Editor

The Lady Titans have been swinging with high hopes as they make their way to the end of the badminton season. The girls have been continuing to excel as a team, and have been improving each practice. Continuing to rank number 1 in their division, and Kacy Davis ranking 3rd in the state, the girls have high hopes for the conclusion of their season.

Both the Jv and varsity players are dedicated to the team and enjoying every moment of it. According to Junior Avia Boykin, “This was my first year doing badminton, I wasn’t sure how the season would go, considering I didn’t know much but I’ve learned a lot these past few weeks! Badminton is a lot more fast-paced than I expected and requires you to react fast to things on the court. Also, since badminton courts are so small, it’s important to have good birdie placement and to move your opponent around. This is something that I’ve been working on improving in my game. It is certainly a learning process, but Coach Pavlik is great at giving helpful advice on how to improve. Our team as a whole has been doing good, and  so far it has been a ton of fun and I’m excited to see how we end the season.” The girls have been heading towards the end of their season with excitement over their improvements, yet sad to see the season end so fast. 

Coach Pavlik has set up a strong structure for the girls team, helping them succeed in every step of the way. According to Coach Pavlik, “The Lady Titans Badminton team is off to a great start.  We are currently ranked number 1 in our section and have a record of 7-1 overall.  We are led by seniors Kacy Davis, Shaye Rohrer, Akane Oya and Madison Salyer.  All of the players continue to improve every day.  We hope to finish the season strong and win our section!” The drive of dedication the girls have for the team, only helps them improve even more. 

With many new students trying out, there was lots of room for improvement but both teams pushed their way through and are better than ever. With the new recruits, new friendships have been formed as “Badminton is a super enjoyable sport that allows me to build my relationships while also improving my skills” , says senior Shaye Rohrer.

Coach Pavlik has built a strong team, critiquing the girls in order to benefit them individually. Coaching over the years has only improved Coach Pavlik’s technique leading to greater opportunities for future seasons. The girls continue to strive, and are now ranked 1st in their section. Good luck to the Lady Titans with their last few matches!