Thunderbird Football Team Blitzing Their Way To Victory


Christopher Moore, Staff Writer

As the Thunderbird Titan Football season keeps going on, they continue to improve and put on a fight. The Titans went to Greenway to face off in a rival game. Our Titans put up a battle but just couldn’t pull off the win with a final score of 10-26. Furthermore later into the game Jordan Lahusky suffered a season ending injury as he tore his ACL. Coaches were devastated to hear this about Lahusky’s injury, but his recovery process will start and he will hopefully return better than ever.

Furthermore the Titans got a game rescheduled to a monday. At Amphitheater high school some of the students threatened to shoot up the game. As we didnt want to put the Titans in danger we rescheduled the game to monday september 20th, 2021. Also this was the first ever Monday football game in Titan football history. They put on a show by winning the game 24-7 with Brian Costa showcasing his defensive talent and getting two interceptions and a forced fumble against the Amphitheater Panthers. 

Later in the week the Titans played another game on friday september 24th, 2021 against the flagstaff eagles. The titans were putting up a fight but struggled all game as the final score was 42-11. As Carter Squires was under pressure all night, scoring was their biggest problem. 

In conclusion, last week was filled with Titan football, as varsity played 2 games and on top of that had 3 practices on Tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. Finally as we enter week 3 of football we hope we’re gonna kill the Dysart Demons at their own field on october 1st, 2021.