David Dobrik’s New Show: Discovering David


Kira Milne , Editor

 After taking a hiatus from all social media platforms following rape allegations surrounding the friend group featured in David Dobrik’s  vlogs, known as the “Vlog Squad” by the internet Dobrik finally returned in June. Shortly after his return he announced his deal with Discovery + along with his long awaited grant of official U.S. citizenship.

Previously, David Dobrik moved to the United States with his family, under DACA at a very young age. Those who reside in the US under DACA are unable to leave the country. Dobrik recently revealed on his YouTube channel that he finally received his green card and is able to travel. Dobrik told  The Discovery Channel, “It’s everyone’s dream to be able to travel the world with friends and now I get to do that with Discovery. I feel so lucky and grateful and I can’t wait to go on this adventure, meet new people, try new foods, learn new cultures and continue to be a positive voice for the DACA community.” The new show will surround David finally leaving the US and returning home to Slovakia where he hasn’t been able to return since his family moved to the United States. This finally opens the opportunity for Dobrik to finally reunite with his family who live in Slovakia.

Through the opportunity of a show surrounding his ability to finally travel Dobrik finally gets to redeem his dreams of traveling across the globe alongside his friends. They have already traveled to Slovakia, France, Rome, and Italy, with these travels the YouTube star has already pumped out lots of content surrounding the beautiful city. The new material adds a new element to his normal chaotic style as he vlogs outings with his friends, just in new beautiful places. Scott Lewers, a Discovery Executive Vice President, said in a statement announcing the program: “We’re taking our viewers all over the globe to experience this journey right alongside the Vlog Squad.” This show format will allow fans of David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad to see them and connect with them through the intimacy of Dobrik’s return home and as he finally fulfills his dreams of traveling. 

The group kicked off their travels in Slovakia and have since been to France, Italy, and Rome. His former assistant and childhood friend Natalia Noel posted a series of Instagram posts with the caption “So excited to travel the world with my friends and co- produce our new show on @discoveryplus !! #discoveringdaviddobrik.”

 All in all, this new show is a change of content for both the Discovery channel and youtuber David Dobrik and his friends featured in the “Vlog Squad”. Stay tuned to follow and stream this 10 episode adventure later this year!