Taylor Swift Joins TikTok


Anna Gauthier , Staff Writer

Taylor Swift has now officially joined TikTok on September 23rd, making fans rave with excitement over the news. The singer/songwriter and 11 time Grammy winner has jumped onto the trend along with other celebrities. After just one hour, she reached 1 million followers and received 2.5 million likes on her first video. An anonymous fan commented, “Taylor Swift joining TikTok is revolutionary. She is an icon.”

           Taylor is not known for her social media unlike other celebs such as Kylie Jenner. She tends to keep her posts minimal and avoids exploiting her private life outside of her music. Taylor tends to only post when she is promoting her music, which now, is officially owned by her. After her fall out with music producer Scooter Braun, who owned her first 6 albums, Taylor has begun to re-record them so they are all self-owned by her. In another effort to try and limit the amount of money he receives from anyone who streams any of her songs he “owns” off of her past albums, she had TikTok remove every song not owned by her, and started promoting her self-owned songs.

          After one of her older songs, “Wildest Dreams”, from her 2014 album “1989” -owned by Scooter-,started gaining traction again due to a huge trend on Tik Tok that had over 100,000 videos under it, she dropped her version of it instead so her followers and other influencers could use it and promote it. While promoting, she even started having her own fun creating videos and joining trends that are popular on the app. Another fellow swiftie comments, “It’s really nice to see Taylor enjoy posting fun, carefree videos for a change.” Fans are shocked because back in 2017 the artist deleted all of her social media due to a confrontation between her, singer Kanye West and his wife and influencer, Kim Kardashian. Back when the #taylorswiftisoverparty was trending, she took off a whole year  in the complete dark, only until after she released her album Reputation in November of 2017 to throw shade towards them. 

          Throughout the past month, Taylor has created a platform that both promotes her music and expresses her personality. With her now 4.8 million follows, she will continue post videos and inspire people all around the world