Legislation Against Transgender Athletes


Ashley Swaw, Staff Writer

Legislators and transgender people have been greatly disputing the rights of trans athletes, within the congressional halls.

For many years, both bills and laws have been introduced involving the lives of trans people, especially athletes. Despite unrightful laws, the transgender community has has recieved some major wins, including the victory in 2020 over the issue of transgender people using the correct bathroom that agrees with their gender identity. 

The current legislative session has brought with it a massive amount of legislation against those that fall within the transgender community. According to CNN, “…at least 117 bills have been introduced in the current legislative session that target the transgender community.” Some states are defending their acts by, “what they claim is an unfair advantage that transgender girls may have over their teammates,” according to CNN.

Laws across many states have even targeted athletes’ right to play. For instance in one state , “… law banned trans women and girls from competing in the category aligned with their gender identity…,” si.com. Even in states like Tennessee, the rights of these athletes to play are being completely taken away. Some states affected by these laws include Currently this legislation is on a state by state basis, but could eventually be taken all the way to the United States capitol.

Some transgender atheltes have spoken out on the unfairness of these new laws. Rachel McKinnon, transgender cyclist said, “The rights of trans athletes shouldn’t hang on what any individual says or does…”

Some believe that this legislation is good for keeping sports fair amongst genders. Governor Lee of Tenneesse says that transgender ahletes, “destroy women’s sports.” 

As of late, the transgender community has faced many struggles to maintain and gain rights within our congress.