Fear Farm Fun


Tanishia Thompson, Staff Writer

Fear Farm is known for its haunted houses, escape room, and corn mazes where visitors can test their bravery. It is known for its adrenaline rush. Fear Farm is so well-known that no matter what time you visit, it is always crowded the first week it opens. Fear Farm is also recognized for its family-friendly daytime activities. 

Zack Busses, Phoenix local, stated, ¨people really loved it. Over the years, we grew and we built the haunted house. Everybody’s favorite thing, though, was the haunted corn maze. We’ve brought it back for one year only¨. This demonstrates how, in the past, people were so enamored with it that they eagerly awaited doing something terrifying.

According to Anna Boyette, owner of Clayton Fear Farm in Clayton, ¨The attractions aren’t what make the farm scary but how afraid you are of certain things.¨ This refers to how people are curious about how terrified you can be when someone emerges out of nowhere or is completely oblivious of what is about to happen. 

Sofia Villazana, senior, stated ¨My first time going to Fear Farm I was 16 years old. I went with 2 friends named Diana and Denise when we arrived there. The line was so long, but good thing we got our tickets ahead of time so we got in early. Fear Farm was fun but scary because there were so many pop ups and scary people that chased us, but we really had a good time.¨ This is significant because it demonstrates how no one can predict how Fear Farm will turn out. Despite the fact that going through the maze was terrifying, they had a good time. 

Peakstudentmedia.com, states, ¨by definition, fear is the emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes a change in brain and organ function as well as in behavior. However, some people enjoy the rush of being scared, and if you´re that kind of person, then going to a fear farm is right up your alley!!!¨. According to this statement, Fear Farm is not only a location where you can be afraid, but it can also be a place where you can get over a fear of getting scared so often. But if you do not like that rush, Fear Farm is probably not for you. ¨While they have more family friendly attractions in the daytime, this fear farm has seven attractions shown at night that are said to not be for the faint of heart¨, quoted in peakstudentmedia.com.  

Fear Farm is only held once a year. So we rather a person goes to Fear Farm and becomes excited because they have no idea what’s going to happen than stay at home and regret not attending at all. Fear Farm is all about getting that adrenaline rush and discovering how much fun it is to be startled by clowns or other terrifying things.