Marvel’s Newest Superhero: Shang-Chi


Ashley Swaw, Staff Writer

The exciting new Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ring, is leaving audiences wanting to know more about this riveting new superhero.

Shang-Chi is exciting audiences with its thrilling fight scenes and emotional family reunions. Not only that but Shang-Chi is also, ”…the first stand-alone film in the MCU to feature an Asian-American superhero,” said  A movie or even possibly a television show surrounding Shang-Chi has been close to creation for years and fans are finally getting to see this superhero on the big screen. 

 For some, this film is very impactful because of how it portrays female empowerment. According to, “There were many occasions in the film where women overpowered their male counterparts.” The multitudes of female characters is what prompted some to see the film. “The female empowerment in this movie is what really drew me in,” said an anonymous student. Additionally, the film also includes some major Asian actresses including women like Awkwafina and Michelle Yeoh.

This film encompasses a great cast consisting of familiar faces and some new ones. One of these new faces is Simu Liu who plays the main character, Shang-Chi. One of the stars of the film, Awkwafina, said this about her co-star: “Simu is grounded and he has heart. That really comes out in the character.”

This film has fought hard to get away from it’s complex past. “While Shang-Chi’s comic book history featured Asian tropes and stereotypes that the production has distanced itself from, the tale of a father and son in conflict resonated for Marvel Studios,” states Hollywood Reporter.

While this film may have had a complicated past, it is compelling audiences everywhere and bringing about a new generation of Marvel fans.