Stranger Things Is Back At It Again!


Skyla Haynes, Staff Writer

 After four seasons, Stranger Things is still a hit. Strangers Things revolves around a group of teens set in the 80’s in Hawkins, Indiana who are trying to fight an unknown evil. Just this May, the first seven episodes of season four, Stranger Things was released and later on in July, two more episodes came out. Months later, people continue to talk about it, including students at Thunderbird High School. Danessah Reeves, a sophomore here at Thunderbird, says, “I found it interesting because of the action.. and I liked the emotion because it felt very real.” Sebastian Matta, another sophomore said, “The series was a rollercoaster of emotions and left me on the edge of my seat the whole time.”  Stranger Things is a popular show that combines several genres, including thriller, science fiction, coming-of-age, and horror. The fourth season has received critical acclaim receiving 13 nominations from the Emmy awards. 

Since season one, Stranger Things has grown to have a following base of all ages and is one of Netflix’s biggest hits. But since season five is the last we will see of Stranger Things, will it be even better?