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The Challenge

The Challenge

Thunderbird dance beautiful recital recap
Thunderbird dance beautiful recital recap
Christopher Moore, Head Editor • April 18, 2024

Thunderbird Dance just finished their annual dance recital with three days of beautiful dancing showcasing their incredible creativity. From first-period Advanced Dance to Beginner classes, each level danced their hearts out every performance. Additionally, emotions ran high for some seniors, as this...

Ground Beef Contaminated With Recent E. Coli Outbreak
Clarissa Vig, Staff Writer • May 15, 2024

During an inventory session, Greater Omaha Packing Co. discovered a product that was on hold which turned out to be packaged ground beef contaminated with E. coli. It was reported by the FSIS that some of the contaminated beef was shipped into commerce. Escherichia...

Thunderbird Track & Field Best Moments
Destinaya Williams, Staff Writer • May 15, 2024

After a long season, it’s important to recognize and highlight the best times, jumps, and throws of the THS 2024 Track & Field Season. Runners, throwers, and jumpers from Thunderbird High School are ending their season soon.  Most recently,...

Image Credit: Scott Garfitt/AP
Prime Hydration LLC faces Lawsuit : Raises Questions for Morality of Advertising to Minors
Desirae Camacho, Staff Writer • May 17, 2024

PRIME Hydration LLC faces its second lawsuit due to misleading advertising of its PRIME sports drinks to young audiences. On April 8, 2024,...

(Picture by Anabelle Ambs) Bryan Stevenson dedicated his life to advocating for the lives of the incarcerated on death row. Because of this, Stevenson is heavily respected as a defense attorney
Bryan Stevenson’s Extraordinary Events
Anabelle Ambs, Staff Writer • May 17, 2024

The book titled “Just Mercy” is an autobiography of Bryan Stevenson, a defense attorney. Stevenson’s main goal throughout his career is...

Photos courtesy of LeetaJo
As the Curtains Close We Watch the Seniors Take their Final Bow
Carly Lapre, Editor • March 11, 2024

Thunderbird’s Seniors are wrapping up their time in Thunderbird’s Theater program, with SpongeBob: The Musical being the last performance...

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