Thunderbird Titan Football


Christopher Moore, Staff Writer

As Thunderbird’s football has had an outstanding season, they have recently driven over to their rival school Greenway Highschool and Out shined them on their own brand new field.

 It was Greenway’s opening night on their brand new field which came with turf and new lighting system. In addition, it was their 50th anniversary. Titan football players came out strong and the T-birds defense was playing strong, but our offense was truly spectacular. MaxPreps stated, “TB Carter Squires 20 yrd TD pass to Alexander Harland.” This was the first touchdown of the game and a beautiful pass to Alex Harland. As Carter Squires and Alex Harland Chemistry on the field showed all game as they continued to connect 2 more times for a seven yard touchdown, and a 33 yard touchdown. But offense wasn’t the only one scoring as junior Tyler Woods has a 55 yard pick-six. There was no one stopping him as he turned on the jets and burned everyone on the Greenway team trying to take him down.

Furthermore into their season, they’re homecoming is coming up fast as they play Sierra Linda high school on October 20th. To end it off, the Titan football program is playing amazing football this year.