Violent Nights


Austin Carvajal, Staff Writer

Santa is not the nice guy anymore. Violent Night released on Dec.  2.

Violent Night stars David Harbour as Santa Claus and John Leuguizamo as Mr.Scrooge. The movie is Christmas themed with an R rating and directed by Tommy Wirkola. David Harbour,”, who plays Santa, reports, “I liked the mythologies that make up the Santa Claus Character.” The idea of Santa typically being a jolly fellow and in this movie being the complete opposite really drove David Harbour to the role. John Leguizamo said,”When they that it’s a subversive Christmas movie, I was in because I’m all about subversion and Santa Claus in an action movie”! The blending of a serious tone kind of movie but with Santa made it a lot fun for John to play the characters. Features Christmas themed weapons as well. Students are excited because it’s a Christmas movie with violence which sounds awesome.There could be possible sequel.