Are Phones in Class Distracting?

Are Phones in Class Distracting?

Jaden Gonzales, Staff Writer

Phones in class have been a growing topic throughout the past few years, and it is starting to be something to look into to see if it is really an issue or not. Most of the time when a student pulls out their phone in class it ends in their phone getting taken or getting in trouble, but what teachers do not always realize is that students are not always using their phones in class for something bad.

 Josh Burgoyne from troomi gave an example of this by stating , “Students can access digital learning material on their phones. Resources like news stories, blog posts, and magazine articles are valuable learning materials in the classroom.” Adding on to the fact that students can have access to different things to help them in class and extra materials for learning. According to A.J. Juliani from Science and Literacy ., “The pros of cellphones outweigh the cons, and simply solid classroom management and setting clear expectations for students will show teachers the many benefits of cellphones in class.” Proving how phones in class bring many benefits and bring many new teaching methods to keep students engaged. 

Although there are many benefits some people believe that phones in class do affect students negatively. Teachers do not like when students use their phones in class because they feel as if it is disrespectful, distracting, and interrupts their class. This is not true because the student could be done with their work or could be texting their parents about an emergency and the teacher cannot assume the situation is not urgent. Some teachers say, “if it was an emergency they would call the school”, but for certain things like family emergencies the student would need to be notified first. In addition, the student could also be using their phone for education and in a positive way and the teacher cannot make the assumption that the students are using it for something bad. 

If students inform teachers on why they need to use their phones, it could solve the problem of getting in trouble for having their phone out, and create trust with their teacher. So in solution, students will need to communicate more with their teachers to be able to use their phones in class.