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Take a Gander Into the Mindset of Society with a Possible Upcoming Psychology Course
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Human behavior has always been a subject of study. Why people react to certain things has been something that many have tried to understand. Anthony Rivera  is working on a psychology course that he hopes will be available for next year. In semester 1, the course will go over the basics of psychology, the study of human behavior, as well as how it links to other sciences like Nuerology. The study of disorders and how drugs like methamphetamine and heroin affect the mind and body will also be discussed.

For semester 2, Mr. Rivera will go over sociology, the study of the behavior of human societies. Students will also learn about anthropology, the study of the development of human societies along with  cultures and the ways humans react to certain cultures. This includes topics like fascism and why Nazi Germany formed. Cults like Heaven’s Gate and the Branch Davidians from Waco, Texas will also be dissected.

If studying human behavior and the mindsets of others interests you, then you may want to join Mr. Rivera’s Psychology class as soon as it is available. You can encourage this class to become a reality by talking to your counselor and pledging enrollment if it becomes available.

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