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The Main Goal Behind Strict Dress Code

Excerpt from the student handbook on dress codes from
Anabelle Ambs
Excerpt from the student handbook on dress codes from

Dress Code is enforced in order to maintain a professional appearance towards onlookers. This includes parents, staff, and professionals who may visit. 

Students don’t see the purpose of dress code. Students see dress code as a way for teachers to sexualize clothing. Dress code, however, is established in order to discourage inappropriate clothing around peers. 

Teachers argue that they do not make the rules for dress code. Teachers at Thunderbird High School state that the rules were created by Glendale Union High School District, making them untouchable. In the Parent & Student Handbook, it states that each school in the district is to make their own set of rules when determining dress code. This means that teachers are responsible to follow district rules and help students follow dress code. 

Teachers should give students room for error when considering dress code, however, dressing appropriately should be the bare minimum when attending class. This means no revealing clothing, nothing that is inappropriate (involving sex, drugs, harsh language, or weapons), and nothing that disrupts classroom teaching. 

Thunderbird High School relies on the Parent & Student Handbook in order to enforce dress code. As the handbook says, “Each school in the Glendale Union High School District will publish its own dress code policy that defines specifically its regulations for student dress.” This means that whatever Thunderbird deems as inappropriate will be replaced by a clothing item branded by the attendance office. This is to ensure that students do not have to go home and miss learning for something as simple as clothing. Teachers at Thunderbird High School do their best to regulate inappropriate clothing on campus. This maintains a professional appearance during school and lets students get used to dress policy before transitioning into a work environment. 

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