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21 Savages’ New Album “American Dream” Review


The 31-year-old rapper 21 savage released his third studio album on January 12, 2024. This broke a record since the rapper has gone five years without making a solo album. The album isn’t just a bunch of songs but will later become a film about 21’s personal life called “American Dream: The 21 Savage Story” to release later this year. The whole main idea of the album is about how 21 savage has a complex connection with the concept of “American dream”. “American Dream” doesn’t disappoint, showing his life story is well worth creating both an album and a film about. After his 2019 ICE arrest, the rapper clearly has a complicated relationship with the concept of the “American dream” and living in the supposed land of the free.” Makkike Niekerk says. This album features 15 tracks. The list of features on this album is incredible. He includes hit rappers like Doja Cat, Young Thug, Metro Boomin, Lil Durk, Travis Scott, Summer Walker, Brent Faiyaz, Burna Boy, and Mariah the Scientist. This album opens up with the song which is the titled albums name “american dream”. Even though the song lasts 1:03 minutes and doesn’t have much singing it contains his British mother speaking about the bright future of her son (21 savage). She refers to her son’s ICE arrest in 2019 as being rough however she has hope he will overcome it. “Through all the trials and all the pain, the mission is, as it’s always been, for my son to become a man, and live free in his american dream,” his mother says echoing throughout the track. The samples 21 used in this album were not a disappointment at all. He samples a throwback from the 70s. Rose Royce’s 1977 track “Wishing on a Star.” is sampled in the second track “all of me” as well as he even includes audio from the movie “The Shining” as the most popular closing track song called “redrum”. As the album comes to an end 21 uses a more R&B style to the tracks. Featuring artists Tommy Newport and Mikky Ekko on the majestic “red sky” and Mariah the Scientist on the beautiful track “dark days.” “dark days” is more of a deeper track as 21 explains his reflection on his life stages. Closing the album with another monologue from his mother, where she states as if she were talking to him directly that “dreams really do come true, by the grace of the source of life.” Throughout the entire album 21 savage doesn’t sugarcoat anything about his life. He speaks well through his lyrics to his fans about his darker experiences in life and his music career openly and isn’t ashamed of it which most rappers don’t have the guts to. This album is the cherry on top to show how much 21 savages music career has come so far as a rapper. Since his most popular hit albums like “Issa album” and “ i am > i was”. Whether 21 comes out with a new single or is featured on a song he never lets his fans down. Being able to collaborate with huge artists and have a blissful touch in the music industry is an amazing way to show how his mother’s wishes are coming true. He is finally set free to live his own “American dream ”.

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