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Megamind vs the Doom Syndicate: What Happened?

Megamind vs the Doom Syndicate: What Happened?
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Despite the hype for a 2nd Megamind movie, “Megamind vs the Doom Syndicate” did not meet the expectations set by long-time fans.

The failure to meet expectations has led many fans to believe this movie was not needed for the franchise, and this leads back to how many movie directors are adding unnecessary movies to already great series.

According to many reviews from, “Megamind vs the Doom Syndicate” was poorly made and very obviously aimed towards younger audiences, despite the first movie having come out 14 years ago and many fans being much older now.

Mainly, the creators of the film chose Keith Furguson to replace Will Ferrell as the voice actor of Megamind, the story’s protagonist. They also chose different voice actors for the character Roxanne Ritchi, replacing Tina Fey with Laura Post. While neither Will Ferrell nor Laura Post are bad voice actors, the change of voice for Megamind and Roxanne felt strange and out of place. 

Timothy Broniarczyk, freshman, said: “I think the animation and voice acting are the main problems with the new movie. The characters aren’t bad now, they just feel weird.”

 The replacement of Will Ferell for Megamind makes his character feel like a whole different person from the first movie.

Secondly, the animation for the movie felt low-budget and rushed. For example, there is a scene where Megamind is shooting tennis balls out of a blaster where, instead of the tennis balls actually shooting out of the blaster, the tennis balls instead phased in from the background and appeared in front of it. 

There are many other scenes where animation feels strange and unpolished. Near the end of the official trailer for “Megamind vs the Doom Syndicate”,  there is a scene where Megamind throws his hands in the air like a rainbow. When Megamind throws his hands in the air his left shoulder looks like it dislocated itself by popping straight upward.

The main reason that many old fans returned and watched the new movie is nostalgia. “Megamind” is a great standalone movie that many adored watching during their childhood. While it is understandable that the series is still targeted towards younger audiences, fans who had watched the original can’t help but feel sad when they see an old favorite movie get remade into something not as great as the original.

While many think the movie cannot compare to the original, “Megamind vs the Doom Syndicate” is still the sequel to many people’s favorite movie, and nothing can stop old fans from still feeling nostalgic.

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