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Should the X-Men have come back?

Courtesy of Disney

The X-Men are back in action. Should they have come back? We believe so. Here is why the X-Men are gladly welcomed back.


Recently a continuation of the 90s tv show X-men was announced. X-Men 97 is now streaming on Disney+. With the new show igniting the childhood nostalgia in many millennials and old time fans all over the world. X-Men 97 follows up on the series that spanned from 1992 to 1997. The new series hit 4 million views on its first 5 days according to an article published by Variety 


The X-Men 90’s animated series is loved by many all over the world.The series was very well written, voiced, and animated for the time. It had a continuous plot and developed the characters pretty well. As well as being made in the 90s which if you ask any millennial from that time what a time it was to be a kid. In an article published by The writer (Matt Fernandez) describes how they loved the show as a kid and how “Even though we’re now almost 30 years into the future, it feels exactly like we’re kids again on a Saturday morning”


This Nostalgia to some seems like it may just be nostalgia bait. But this isn’t the case. Instead of being a remaster or remake this new series is an exact continuation from the original. Bringing back most of the voice cast and writers from that time. While Disney doesn’t always make the best animated series they really nailed this one. With the style and the intro being fantastically reworked while feeling fresh and familiar.

The original series that X-Men 97 is a continuation of ended on a somber note leaving viewers wondering what would happen next.This specific kind of ending to a long beloved tv show can make fans wish it would return. So when many years later a fan’s favorite show comes back it will bring back a lot of childhood memories. The show also already has a pre-made fanbase, this being the original fans of the show. These fans are also now adults with their own money and more to spend to make it so the show does well.


X-Men 97 is very well made and well received. We believe it is a great continuation to a series that defined many people’s childhoods. It is gladly welcomed.

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