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Jojo Siwa “Karma” Review

Jojo Siwa’s new “Karma” song has controversial opinions, including her new style. 

Jojo’s new song came out this year and blew up all over social media with mixed reviews. Jojo said her new style and song is inspired by Miley Cyrus, little did we know the chorus of her song has a bleeding resemblance to  Brit Smith’s song in 2011-2012 called: Karma’s A B****. From “As many pointed out, it wouldn’t be a problem if JoJo Siwa admitted that she was given “Karma,” which was intended for Miley Cyrus. Since she has said that she loves Cyrus, particularly her “Bangerz” album, fans think it makes sense that she would want to record the song meant for Cyrus. But in numerous interviews, she made it sound as if she came up with the song lyrics.” Even with this information out, there are many people loving Jojo’s song along with her new look, some calling her a lesbian con but the majority have strong negative reactions to the star’s rebrand.  

Medium reports: “It was relieving to see a child star depart from childhood relatively unscathed and without a mugshot. To be frank, I have always lightheartedly joked about her brand, but I didn’t quite comprehend the amount of vitriol she received. Aaaaaaand then she went and released Karma. This song is a disgrace to not just music, but to humanity itself, and it managed to make me physically cringe upon my first listen.” Though this song and artist have some controversial reviews, you may like it.

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