Cross Country; The Fun of the Run


Sasha A. Murray, Editor

 One of our back to school sports is cross country.  The team this year is starting off strong by building an incredible work ethic. With the continuous rise in temperature, they still meet Monday through Friday after school at around 6 p.m. to practice. What happens during each meet may vary, but for now, they are focused on training. During their meets, training consists of different things from distance to short running, along with repeats, which are laps around the track. 

         So far, the team has the overall goal of going to state. Last year, only a few members were able to qualify, and they are hoping to increase that number. One of the team’s coaches, Coach Carl Riney states that they ¨have a good chance as long as they keep plugging away and getting better.¨ Riney also includes how during the previous year at sectional, almost every kid reached their PR, which stands for personal record. Cross country aims to help individuals at any level become better and more efficient at running. They take everyone, despite whatever level they may be at and help them push themselves, to not only become stronger but to make themselves proud. Coach Rinely states that one his main reasons for coaching the team is to watch them improve. He takes excitement in the thought of the kids running at their best, completing the greatest race of their lives.

      Though running, especially cross country, is often viewed as an individual sport, the team maintains a strong bond. This is through fun activities that create a more comfortable space, allowing lasting friendships to be built. Team Captain Houston Hull states that one of his favorite parts about cross country is the activities they do; ¨their water gun and water balloon fights are always so fun¨.  Along with this, the team occasionally receives doughnuts or popsicles at the end of their practice, to give them extra motivation during practice. 

          Overall they have lots of fun, and newcomers are always welcome. To newcomers interested in Cross Country, Houston Hull encourages them to join no matter the skill level and ensure that they are always welcome.