Titans Swim and Dive

Carly Lapre, Staff Writer

 Thunderbird’s Swim and Dive team started the season off right with the boys and girls bagging wins. 

 The team puts in all their effort to be the best and win their meets while having fun and taking time to bond. Coach Kara Dellisanti reported, “My goal when I coach swim is always to see growth. I work with the JV team, so a lot of those kids start out, and they have never swam competitively.” Even through inexperience, these students work hard and practice well in order to dominate the swim season. Thunderbird’s swimmers grow each and every day that they keep swimming and beat records. Coach Dellisanti added, “As far as accomplishing that goal, we’re on a really good trajectory.” The team has shown tremendous growth so far and is proving to only get better with time.

The coaches have hopes of sending some swimmers off to compete in state, the swimmers work to get better individually but also take time to get stronger as a team. The team took it hard when they had to bid farewell to some incredibly experienced seniors and friends, and many swimmers are working to be at the same level by the end of their years with the help of JV Coach Dellisanti, and Coach Beth Arnold. As well as varsity Coach Erik Pedersen and assistant Coach Scott Baker.   

The Boys team has won 3-4 of their meets so far this season, and the Girls have won 2-4 of  theirs, but even with some losses, they are still trying incredibly hard and not losing hope. They are only hoping to improve from here.